Science & Ethics Council

The EFGCP Science & Ethics Council is composed of leading European and international experts representing major institutions affecting the regulation and practices of Good Clinical Practice. It pools the efforts of the Board including the Working Parties chairpersons and the previous Advisory Council under one same roof. The first meeting of the Science and Ethics Council was held on 2 February 2006, in Brussels.

Although the executive power of the EFGCP continues to rest with the Board, the Council takes the lead in matters of Science and Ethics. The Working Parties which would like to broaden their activities, issue more position papers and propose topics for conference receive recommendations and approval from the new Council.

The Science & Ethics Council contributes to the development of the EFGCP by

increasing input into EFGCP planning and projects,

extending the EFGCP basis of expertise and competence, and

increasing the awareness and recognition of the contributions to GCP made by the EFGCP.

The Science and Ethics Council sees to optimally reflect the various components of the clinical research community: the patient associations, the sponsors, the CROs, the investigators and their networks, the ethics committees and the authorities. By itself, the new Council with 2 meetings a year will provide a unique opportunity for Forum discussions.

The members of the Science & Ethics Council are regularly invited to participate in EFGCP Events either as experts in particular subjects or in advisory capacity for developing the events.

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