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This EFGCP Public Document and Copyright Policy is presented here. The contents of the EFGCP website and other EFGCP hard copy publications represent a collection of EFGCP public documents protected under Belgian and international copyright law. These public documents have the copyright sign EFGCP. They are provided as a public service in the interest of ethics, science, medicine and protection of subjects in Good Clinical Practice.

All contents on the site are EFGCP public documents, unless otherwise indicated.

This EFGCP Public Document and Copyright Policy applies to reproduction in both hard copy and electronic format, including the posting of EFGCP public documents on a private or organisation's intranet or internet site, or other electronic or hard copy distribution. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of EFGCP public documents is permitted only if it is in accordance with the following permissions:



You may make free copies of an EFGCP public document, by photocopying, scanning, or downloading to printer or to electronic, magnetic, or optical storage media, for the purposes of private research, study and reference only.



Reproduction and/or distribution (e.g., inside an organisation or company) of any of the contents of an EFGCP public document is permitted provided that:

The EFGCP is acknowledged as the source of the material: such acknowledgement must be included in the copy of the material.

The reproduction is for non-commercial use only (e.g., recopying of material to individual third parties for their personal information only).

Any third party receiving the material is informed that these conditions also apply to them and that they must comply with these conditions.

For its records, the EFGCP requests that the individual or organisation notify the EFGCP by e-mail of any such non-commercial reproduction. This licence does not permit any part of an EFGCP public document to be reproduced or distributed for any commercial purpose.



Applications for licensing of EFGCP public documents for commercial use and the granting of copyright licences will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A request containing full details of the proposed reproduction should be sent to the EFGCP Secretariat at

Some examples (not all inclusive) of Commercial Reproduction are the following:

Reproducing EFGCP public documents for use/dissemination in connection with public conferences, commercial training programmes, papers, journal articles, etc.

Including EFGCP public documents in any publication, whether in paper or electronic format, which is produced in the course of a business or professional activity, whether or not carried out for profit.

Where commercial reproduction concerns inclusion of EFGCP public documents in a publication (whether in paper or electronic format), a copyright licence may, where appropriate (e.g., for reasons of inclusion of multiple documents or large scale reproduction and/or distribution), be granted by means of a formal agreement. In other cases (e.g., requests to translate a single document, requests for limited reproduction of documents for use as training materials), any copyright licence will normally be granted by means of a letter of permission from the EFGCP Secretariat.

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