The European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) was founded during a conference at the European Parliament in 1993 with the support of the European Commission.  Since its creation, EFGCP has functioned as a leading European think tank for discussion, research, and critical evaluation in the development of European health research.

 EFGCP is a non-profit organisation established by and for individuals with a professional involvement in the conduct of biomedical research.  Its purpose is to promote Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and encourage the practice of common, high-quality standards in all stages of biomedical research throughout Europe and globally.  The EFGCP does this by promoting contact and partnership between the major disciplines and organisations affected by good clinical practice: pharmaceutical companies; contract research organisations; suppliers of services, systems and equipment; academia; investigators; ethics committees; regulatory authorities; patient organisations; etc.

Each year, EFGCP organises international conferences in Brussels focusing on vital topics related to Good Clinical Practice.  Years after years, with the help of its Working Parties, EFGCP has initiated thought-provoking Forum discussions.

Geographically located in the heart of Europe, EFGCP places itself in the centre of a pan-European effort to create a single area for clinical trials that concern 700 million people.  EFGCP is striving forward to make patients anywhere in Europe feel they can confidently get involved in a clinical trial.

EFGCP is a forum open to all those who want to contribute in Europe and globally to the best possible conditions for good clinical research.


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