EFGCP Education Working Party

Underlying all of the work undertaken by the EFGCP is a concern with education. Each of the EFGCP's activities aims at promoting education among one or several groups engaged in clinical research: investigators, monitors, members of ethics committees, regulators, and patients. The EFGCP working parties are all directed by the EFGCP Board to frame their work within broad-based educational programmes in different aspects of GCP.  


The specific role of Educational Working Party is to identify priority needs and primary challenges in the education and training of GCP among the various parties involved in preparing and carrying out clinical trials. As the multi-centre and multi-country clinical trials increase across Europe, there is a need to focus on the co-ordination and harmonisation of educational and training programs in GCP. At the same time, it is becoming more and more evident that different traditions in medical and scientific education across Europe need to be appreciated in developing GCP practices.



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