EFGCP Ethics Working Party

The Ethics Working Party focuses on reflection and education regarding the ethics of biomedical research, particularly within the context of Good Clinical Practice. The focuses are primarily on the ethical review process, contemporary ethical issues in clinical research, and informed consent at the European and transnational levels within a global perspective. This is an international, multi-disciplinary, multi-sectorial group that meets three to four times a year and engages in various long-term projects, including projects funded by the European Commission and the World Health Organization. 

The Working Party is involved in 

the preparation of guidance documents,  

the organisation of international workshops and conferences on ethical topics, publications,  

the collection and provision of information on European ethics committees, 

the support and promotion of international education programmes in the ethics of biomedical research.  


Ethics is a key focal point across all of the activities of the EFGCP. This Working Party helps to focus the general discussion within the EFGCP and deepen its contribution to the European and global discussions having a direct impact on policy and practices.


Documents & Latest publications

EFGCP Report on Data protection and research in the European Union
(Dec. 2015)


EFGCP Ethics WP Sub-Group on Quality Assurance: Guidance for Auditing Quality Systems of Independent Ethics Committees in Europe
(October 2008)


EFGCP Report on The Procedure for the Ethical Review of Protocols for Clinical Research Projects in the European Union
(nov. 2006)




Dr. Prof. Jozef Glasa and Dr. Kim Champion
EFGCP Secretariat
Square de Mees
Rue de l'Industrie 4
B-1000 Brussels
Tel +32 2 732 87 83
E-mail: jozef.glasa@efgcp.eu

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