Electronic Journals

AIDS (1997 onwards)Perhaps the leading journal on the AIDS pandemic. Free Access to full-text.
American Family Physician (1996 onwards)Official clinical journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Free Access to full-text.
Applied Clinical Trials (2001 onwards)Applied Clinical Trials is the first global information resource about the process of managing clinical trials and meets its readers at the intersection where pharmaceutical product developers meet the strictly regulated medical researchers who test their new drugs. ACT provides a forum where both groups can communicate their needs and wishes to one another.
British Medical Journal (1996 onwards) Produced by the BMJ Publishing Group of the BMA. Free Access to full-text.
Bulletin of the World Health Organization: International Journal of Public Health (1999 onwards) A publication of the World Health Organization.
Health Affairs (1995 onwards) Published since 1981 by the nonprofit foundation Project HOPE, USA. A journal of health policy and managed care. Web access provides: free full-text articles from the current issue, indexes of past issues and table of contents of past issues.
International Journal of Epidemiology (1996 onwards) Tables of Contents and Abstracts are freely available to everyone, for issues published since 1996. Full-text articles are available from Volume 25 Issue 1 onwards.
JAMA (1995 onwards) Produced by the American Medical Association. Free access to some full-text articles (older issues) and access to Table of Contents and Abstracts of recent issues.
Medical Ethics & Bioethics (1994 onwards)Journal of the Institute of Medical Ethics and Bioethics n. f. (Bratislava, Slovak Republic), quaterly/biannual. Sections devoted to members and �users� of ethic committees. Additional focus on Central and South-Eastern Europe. Original papers, reviews and documents published in Slovak or English (with abstracts in both languages). Excerpted into Medline database. All issues published available for a free download (in PDF).
Nature (1997 onwards) The full text of available beginning with the 20 June 1997. Password allows one user at a time to access the full-text.
Nature Medicine (1997 onwards)The full text of available beginning with the 20 June 1997. Password allows one user at a time to access the full-text.
Science (1995 onwards) Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, with assistance of Stanford University's HighWire Press.
The Lancet (1996 onwards) Subscribers can view in full text the complete content of all Lancets published since December 6, 1997. In addition, subscribers and registered users can view the contents list of all Lancets published since May 31, 1996, plus a limited selection of items in full text and summary format from these journals. Journals published before May 31, 1996 are not available on the site in any form.
The New England Journal of Medicine (1990 onwards) The full text of available beginning with the first issue of 1993. In addition, the database for searches includes the citations for all articles published since 1990.

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