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Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on

Facilitating Medicines Development for Youth and the ‘Young at Heart’: Learning for Intergenerational Strategies

21 November 2017 - CentrEd at Excel, London, United Kingdom

Organized by EFGCP Children’s Medicines & Geriatric Medicines Working Parties in partnership with the British Geriatric Society



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The development of drugs is evolving and much effort is being put into understanding in special populations like children and older people. The two ends of life can be viewed separately, but at the same time they share many common elements like frailty, or vulnerability. These common aspects were the main components which brought together the EFGCP Children’s and Geriatric Medicines Working Parties in preparing this workshop.

The agenda reflects important topics like the special ethical considerations that can affect the informed consent process, evaluation of the safety parameters which is dependent of the adequate reporting of adverse events and interpretation of the adverse drug reactions and proper use of modelling of simulation to bring value to the drug development process.

The objective of this workshop is to share challenges, to detect possible synergies and to learn from each other in order to improve and to facilitate and promulgate high quality ethical clinical research and drug development for these important populations across whole Europe.

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